Common Questions

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Why should I consider an aluminum railing product versus Wood, Steel or Iron?

BW Vista Railings Systems are super-low maintenance. Unlike wood railings that need to be protected from insects and decay, or other metal railings prone to rust and peeling paint, BW Vista Railings Systems feature long-life rust-free powder coatings that endure any negligible maintenance requirements.

I have a unique multi-unit railing project in mind, does BW Vista Railings Systems do custom work?

Yes! BW Vista Railings Systems are fully customizable and can be custom-finished for the real dimensions of your deck or landing. Choose from one of the style detailing we offer, pick any color that works for your project; we can find a design scheme that works for you. We can also accommodate any height or unique angle requirements you have – in short, we can build a railing system to match your multi-unit project’s specifications that will create that look you’re after.

I’m looking for an elegant railing solution that is budget friendly. Can BW Vista Railings Systems deliver?

Yes! Do the math –upfront costs for BW Vista Railings Systems are lifetime costs and a mere fraction of other railing options’ costs! Not only will you save time every year keeping your railing up to form, you don’t have to budget for all the upkeep costs that wood, iron and steel railings require. Little cost, huge returns! BW Vista Railings Systems are the lowest cost finishing touch to your project that will increase value many times over. Elegant with enduring quality, BW Vista Railings Systems can make older multi-unit properties seem new and well tended.

Are BW Vista Railings Systems environmentally friendly?

BW Vista Railings Systems are 100% recyclable. Rest assured that when you select BW Vista Railings Systems to make your project beautiful, you are also making a choice that’s best for the environment.

Do BW Vista Railings Systems meet all North American building codes?

Yes. BW Vista Railings Systems are engineered to meet all major U.S. and Canadian building code requirements. Please refer to BW Vista Railings Systems’ Design Manual for further details.

What sets BW Vista Railings Systems apart from other aluminum railing systems?

  • The only manufacture with a design manual for engineers and architects specific to aluminum railing systems.
  • Backed by one of North American’s top warranty programs.
  • Contemporary-style aluminum railings, that are customizable in both style and color for your project.

What types of railing systems are available with BW Vista Railings Systems?

BW Vista offers a compressive line of aluminum railing systems, as well as fencing, and windscreen solutions to suit any project. We offer a variety of picket and glass system styles and various top rail designs which can be top or fascia mounted. Mix and match to create the look you’re after.

Are there any restrictions to the types of surfaces that BW Vista Railings Systems can be installed on?

Your Independent, Authorized Dealer can install BW Vista Railings Systems aluminum railing to wood, composites, waterproof vinyl membranes, or concrete; however special mounting hardware may be required depending on your application. Your Authorized BW Vista Railings Systems Independent Dealer or Installer can provide more information on your specific project needs.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. The main difference between a conventional liquid paint and a powder coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form. The coating is applied electrostatically and is then gelled and cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a "skin." All of the powder that is applied at our locations is “Super Durable Polyester”. We use only highest quality of exterior grade powder coating formulated to exceed one of the toughest paint standards in the industry for weathering specifications ~ AAMA 2604.

What colors are available?

BW Vista Railings Systems are available in 4 standard colors or choose from 11 Diamond Series colors. If you still can't find that perfect color, ask your Authorized BW Vista Railings Systems Dealer or Installer about our Custom Color Program. View complete details on our color program page.

What styles of railing are available?

There are several styles of BW Vista Railing Systems available including, Standard Picket, Wide Picket, Glass, Double Top Picket, and Double Top Glass. Top rail profiles are available in 1¾” square, 2¼” square (bread loaf), 2-5/8” round and2-1/4” round. To view BW Vista Railings Systems styles and top rail options, visit the Railing photo gallery.

What heights are available?

BW Vista Railings Systems are available in 2 standard heights; 36" and 42". Other heights available at your request.

How do the posts attach to the deck?

BW Vista Railings Systems utilizes both surface mount posts with a 4” x 4” base plate as standard, as well as fascia brackets or also commonly referred to as side mount posts. Your Authorized BW Vista Railings Dealer or Installer can provide more information on your specific project needs.

What type of glass is used?

BW Vista Railings Systems recommends using 5mm (3/16”) tempered or 6mm (¼”) tempered for applications in the United States as per building code. When using the BW Vista Railings Systems Windscreen program 3/8” tempered glass is the standard but ½” glass can be used as an option.

Do you ever use Plexiglas or Lexan?

No, we never use Plexiglas or Lexan because although it is extremely strong it does not have the rigidity to meet the load bearing criteria set out by North American Building codes and Plexiglas also tends to yellow and scratch easily.

Can I get frosted, tinted, or etched glass?

Yes, frosted, tinted or etched glass can be used in the BW Vista Railings Systems the same way clear, tempered glass is.

What is the spacing between the pickets?

The space between our pickets is 3 7/8” as building codes typically ask for a space not exceeding 4” between pickets.

What type and size of pickets are available?

BW Vista Railings Systems offer two different sized pickets starting with our standard straight 5/8” x 5/8” square picket and a 5/8” x 1½” wide picket.

Can a mid-rail or intermediate rail be added?

Yes, BW Vista Railings Systems has a mid rail for use with both picket and glass styles.

What is the maximum distance I can have between posts?

Distance allowed between posts to meet building codes depend on your deck layout, what your end connections are and the height of railing you choose. Please refer to the Design Manuals we provide for information regarding allowable configurations or contact your Authorized BW Vista Railings Systems Dealer or Installer to quote for you.

What height of railing is required on my project to meet building code?

Depending on your local building code, typically railing needs to be a minimum of 42” finished height for surfaces more than 70 ¾“ from ground level, or for lower surfaces a 36” railing may suffice.

Does BW Vista Railings Systems have a part that hides the base plate and screws?

As a finishing touch to your railing, BW Vista Railings Systems has base plate covers that snap around the post, available for 1½”, 2” and 2½" posts. Base plate covers are available in our 4 standard colors only. Base plate covers are not available in Diamond Series colors or custom colours.

What maintenance is required with BW Vista Railings Systems?

Wash BW Vista Railings Systems product regularly using a good quality automotive car wash, and rinse with water along with an application of quality automotive car wax. Do not use acid solution, steel wool, or harsh abrasives. Clean glass panels by removing dust and grit with generous application of water, and remove grease and film deposits with mild solution of soap and water; and rinse thoroughly. We recommend annual inspection of railings and fasteners to ensure structural integrity. Please check and replace caulking according to manufacturer’s warranty. It is essential to fully read and follow the maintenance instructions.