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Vista Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum Fencing can be the finishing touch to any project; why not complete your project with Vista Aluminum Fencing. Our Fencing systems are custom fit for your project’s dimensions, making them easy to install as well. With different fencing styles and an easy installation the choice to add fencing to your project should be easy.

  • About Fencing

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  • Fencing Specs

    Specifications and details about Vista Fencing

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  • Design Freedom

    We understand that every job's requirements are unique; let Vista help craft your vision.

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  • Care & Maintenance

    Find out how to keep your Vista products looking new.

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About Fencing

Unlike steel fencing that requires constant upkeep to prevent it from rusting, low-maintenance Vista Aluminum Fencing systems do not require expensive maintenance costs. Utilizing a system that will not rust or fade adds value to your entire project. Another bonus of utilizing aluminum is that it is 100% recyclable and can be used over and over again with minimal additional energy inputs. When you choose Vista Fencing you are making a responsible choice. There are many places fencing can be utilized, let a Vista specialist assist you with all of your project needs.

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Fencing Specifications

With the ability to add intermediate channels for extra strength or architectural detail, Vista Aluminum Fencing system allows for an almost limitless variety of designs. To see some of our standard design types and read more about the fencing systems;

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Design Freedom

Vista produces standard fencing profiles and infill styles that can be combined to create a number of unique combinations, but we realize that some jobs still require something completely custom. At Vista we work with you to design the best fit for your project. We have the ability to customize our fencing systems to match your project’s vision.

Care & Maintenance

With any product, proper maintenance and care is essential to longevity. Wash Vista Fencing products regularly using a good quality automotive car wash, and rinse with water along with an application of quality automotive car wax. Do not use acid solution, steel wool, or harsh abrasives. We recommend annual inspection of fencing and fasteners to ensure structural integrity. If the product resides in salt air conditions, the lifetime of the standard coating can be extended significantly by washing the salt off the product and applying a coat of good quality automotive wax regularly to the painted surfaces.

It is essential to fully read and follow the maintenance instructions. Failure to do so may result in product damage, for which Vista Railings Systems accepts no responsibility.

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We work with engineers, architects, developers and installers all the time and would love to provide you with a detailed quote for your upcoming project. Please let us know about your unique project requirements and learn how choosing Vista Railings Ltd. will save you time and money.